Aribitration & Alternative Dispute

We understand that many persons and entities seek to avoid litigation and we assist our clients in solving legal disputes through alternative dispute mechanisms. We have vast experience in conducting Mediation and Arbitration.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is a specialized area of law and we have a unique legal expertise in this area of law. Kent Gammon tutored in Philosophy of Law at the University of the West Indies which has given us a commanding edge in this area of law.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Kent Gammon has a masters degree in Corporate and Commercial Law and specializes in commercial litigation. We understand that effective corporate arrangements and best practice commercial solutions are required for optimal business activity. Against this background we assist our clients with the incorporation of businesses and offer general corporate advice.


We know that trust of your legal practitioner in this area of the law, particularly since there are large sums of money involved, is critical. Our reputation is impeccable and our clients place a great deal of trust in us as they know that their interests are protected.

Employment & Industrial Relations

This is a dynamic area of law and we understand the changing nature of this law. We assist our clients with the best employment law advice that reinforces good employer-employee relations.

Personal Injury

When someone is injured due to another’s negligence, it is critical that the damages are evaluated carefully at the outset. The injured person is entitled to compensation based on a variety of legal principles. We aggressively pursue personal injury cases, settling them when appropriate, and trying them when necessary.

Libel and Slander

We know full well the value of one’s reputation and offer our clients effective legal protection of that reputation.


Kent Gammon has considerable experience in litigation inclusive of the Court of Appeal which he has honed over his 13 years at the bar. We have a good success record on litigated matters. Counsel has also prepared legal briefs for Queen's counsel at the the Judicial Committee at the Privy Council's level. Our practice has a specialization in commercial litigation.

Probate & Estate Administration

Our firm understands the sorrow that clients experience when dealing with the estate affairs of deceased family members and friends. We keep in regular contact with the administrators and executors of estates so the affairs of the loss of family members and friends are handled with sensitivity and efficiency.